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HGRBS Is An Exclusive Consumer Information Also For The Private Home Sector In The State of Washington Since 2009.
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Thank you for showing your concern for Seattle private homeowners (including home-renters and home-leasees) being better informed against hiring the wrong home service personnel. This is with special regard to those working in various areas of home improvement as contractors.
In Seattle, there apparently incidents of home fraud by dishonest companies and individual working in the home service industry as contractors. This normally occurs because residents are not adequately informed against it.


You can help close that knowledge gap by letting Seattle private home residents in your area know about the free homeowner’s guide: “Washington State Homeowner’s Fast Track To Best Contractors.” This booklet is most commonly referred to as “Service Booklet-Washington.” Now, you are offered the honor of personally evaluating its informational value.


The “Service Booklet” also contains vital links for homeowners to use which immensely facilitate their ability to access essential public-consumer information on contractors, and related local government standards also pertain to the area you represent as a resident.
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Informing Others About

The "Service Booklet

* Introduction
Service Booklet - Washington - HGRBS is an entirely free, exclusive homeowner's guide easily downloaded for study. It is part and parcel of the HGRBS 'Resident Strategic Studies" format. This guide reveals tips on how private home decision makers in Seattle can better decide about building tradesmen and trades women working as home repair and improvement contractors. It can enable residents to discover if whether unknown individuals and companies operating in our vicinity are who and what they say they are - or residential predators in disguise.



*All opportunities are Optional. It is hoped that each volunteer ‘takes ownership’ of opportunity selected.
* In this special tutorial volunteer will learn how easy this opportunity can be.
* First you may want to get a clearer idea of how effective you can be  just sharing information about what you learn before you visit  the "Service Booklet - Washington" page (on this website).
*Once you open the "Service Booklet" (for short), you can then evaluate the body of content and related links to essential information. See how relevant and helpful it can be for private home dwellers you know e.g. relatives, friends, associates, etc.





* If you are pleased with your discovery of how useful the Service Booklet can be to relatives, friends, and/or others you know, there is no need to inquire with HGRBS nonprofit for permission to SHARE.
* You are the one to decide in your own time when, where, and to which residents you will share what you have learned about the usefulness of the Service Booklet.
* When you share what you have learned about the Service Booklet, you are, in effect, volunteering to do so. You are literally fulfilling this opportunity. Share as many times as you like. Good luck!
* Please let the nonprofit know how it went. Always feel free to address any comments, suggestions, and questions to:


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