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HGRBS Is An Exclusive Consumer Information Also For The Private Home Sector In The State of Washington Since 2009.
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HGRBS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation/ministry of independent volunteers. Exclusive emphasis is on supporting rights and privileges of American private home heads towards making better contract-related decisions and getting better results from persons hired to assist with their special home maintenance and improvement projects. 
In this capacity, HGRBS is inherently an Exclusive Consumer Information Service with special emphasis on related consumers of the private residential sector of the United States.
 To Connect with & Support our private home decision makers through providing adequate online/offline FREE information for establishing successful resident-contractor relations. Simply put, to continually provide quality FREE information to U.S. residents towards making safer and wiser decisions hiring home service personnel (such as contractors).
Operations are governed by HGRBS "Free Service Policy," meaning, this entity is not premised on financial pursuit of any nature nor does it have requirements for obtaining personal, financial, or other information for monetary gains. This is especially with regard to information which is generally and universally regarded as  inappropriate for revealing.
ReiterationHGRBS has no financial incentives or pursuits. In addition, the nonprofit’s free consumer information service is open-source meaning that there is no sign-up or other requirement for personal, financial, or other information in order to access.




1.HGRBS is a pure nonprofit which forbids solicitation for funds. The entity forbids and has no fund-raising activity, therefore, it has neither need nor desire at any time for obtaining, sharing, or otherwise marketing your name, email address, or any other private personal information you share with HGRBS which is specifically traceable to you.
2. HGRBS is a free exclusive consumer information service which originates and operates primarily online. Special emphasis is on continually inspiring U.S. private home decision makers towards making safer and wiser decisions in resident-contractor relations.
Subsequently, HGRBS does not have nor will ever have cause to require fees or otherwise transact business relative to aforementtioned essential information provided. Therefore, there is no access, requirement, nor initiative for accessing information such as resident full names, date of birth, and/or other sensitive numbers and private information including those connected to financial accounts.
3. However, if there is information residents share which can be legally be  shared to the benefit of  other residents and to HGRBS  better serving them, HGRBS may use that information alone, but will not authorize or tolerate sharing information which is outside the established fair norm for dissemination i.e. that which is legally and customarily allowable (such as internal relay of information to better fulfill the nonprofit's  free service values to respective residents and associated fulfillment of flexible and diverse opportunity commitments to volunteers entailed). Otherwise, data regarded as private and unsuitable for sharing without  related residents’ expressed, written or oral consent, are not disclosed. (Revised 10/6/2020)





AARP  Members  or  Vistors  Who  Have  Responded To  The  HGRBS Post:

"Seattle Volunteers Needed To Share Home Service Safety Info Locally W/ Homeowners You Know"

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Other  Interested  Volunteers

If you are also a resident of the Seattle Metropolitan Area interested in this social good, but you have not heard about via AARP, you can register through VolunterMatch.
Also, you will then have an even fuller chance to see what the qualifications and a complete description of this opportunity:




HGRBS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of independent volunteers. It functions as an exclusive consumer information service. Focused emphasis is on supporting the rights and privileges of Seattle private home decision makers in resident-contractor relations.




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