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Honorary Volunteers


HGRBS retains an “honorary volunteer” policy. As an honorary volunteer, you are working with this ministry on special projects for our private home heads. Among the people we are serving are also seniors, the disabled, and women. They are the most vulnerable. Honorary volunteers are HGRBS cohorts. You are not an  “outsider.” Quite the contrary, you are in on the action, as well. When you volunteer, it’s also customary for you to shoulder your own expenses. The difference, of course, is that core associates who are registered are able to go places and to do some things which only they are authorized to do by virtue of their being registered volunteer associates in this ministry.  Other than these things, please, consider yourself a full-fledged honorary volunteer entitled to the utmost respect, honor, and congeniality. We are all cohorts! Thanks for stepping forward!

The special opportunities which follow are for U.S. citizens who are honorary volunteers willing to play their part in assisting in our ministerial efforts towards our private home heads being better informed against making the wrong decisions about residential contractors who "work" our neighborhoods. These opportunities are through the long-established and credible online resource center for volunteers: Volunteer Match!

Thank You for Stepping Forward! Together, We Rock!

Assistance Requested To Share Link for Special Survey for Homeowners About Contractors 
Jul 10, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 
Virtual Opportunity 
Internet Access A Must Requirements Aside from being 18 years of age/over; a U.S. citizen; and okay with virtual opportunities ... ..... 
Great for Groups (any size) 

Bi-Lingual Homeowners Needed for Good Cause 
Jul 10, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 
Virtual Opportunity 
Desktop/Laptop Regular Access Required Requirements Aside from being 18 years of age and over; a U.S. citizen; and a community advocate comfortable with ... 

Online Clerical Assistance Requested 
Jul 10, 2017 to Aug 31, 2017 
Virtual Opportunity 
Desktop or Laptop Access Required. Strictly Online. Experience Required. Requirements Aside from being 18 years of age and over; a U.S. citizen/w ... 

Special Assignments for Tracking Down Outdated Listings for Non-Profit Volunteer Corp. 
Jul 10, 2017 to Sep 30, 2017 
Virtual Opportunity 
This Is A Special Assignment Requirements Aside from being 18 and Over; a U.S. Citizen, and internet proficient .... Pro-active; ... 
Great for Groups (any size) 

Writers! Ever Thought of Writing for a Non-Profit About Home Issues? 
Jul 10, 2017 to Aug 12, 2017 
Virtual Opportunity 
Please, Be An Active Writer & Advocate Against Home Improvement Offenses Requirements (The Usual) Aside from being 18 years of age or over; a U.S. Citizen; ... 

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Volunteering with HGRBS?

Please, Share. What's Going On? How Are You?

Home is the Best Wonder of the World! 

HGRBS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation of independent volunteers like you. As an honorary volunteer you are also supporting the rights and privileges of our private home decision makers towards making better decisions about and getting better results from the people hired to assist with special private home maintenance and improvement projects.

Note: If at some future point you may want to register as a regular volunteer, aside from completing the "Volunteer Registration Form, there is a "3-Part  CompetencyTest" recommended for you to first take online. The dual-purpose of this test is for us to ascertain how familiar you are with HGRBS and the parameters for registered volunteer associates. 

Volunteers Are Not Authorized To Solicit For Donations

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