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Before you decide to volunteer under the banner of HGRBS, please, be prepared. The two very crucial items will assist towards you being the best you can be and better, as an effective representative for the private home heads of your community, of the city and metropolis of Seattle, and for our state, collectively:

1. Volunteer Associates Guide    (General guidelines about what it means to be an HGRBS Volunteer Associate)

2. Service Booklet (An online booklet which you can guide our residents to, and use personally to enable you to become familiar with options our neighbors have for "validating" residential contractors or filing online complaints).

*Note: The  specialization of HGRBS is only for matters of "HOME MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENT"

Other concerns for "Home Construction," "Mortgages," "Sales," "Boards,"  "Landlord-Tenant," or for any private dwellings which must legally house more than two families, are handled by other agencies and organizations with paid staff. We do not  do what others are doing and should do whom are already specialized in those areas.

Irrespective of where you live, you've got a neighborhood. Perhaps, you're already doing something and a bit more in your neighborhood because that's where you live more than anywhere else in the world. So, you're in the flow.

But then, if on the other hand, you just live there, and you'd rather not get involved in anything, that's entirely your prerogative. But maybe, you're not involved because the groups you know of potentially would place too much of a demand on your personal time.

Well? What would you like to do? What are you good at?What do you have time enough for? In the wholesome, decent sense of the phrase "What turns you on?" Okay. The punch line is this:

Whether you're doing several things for your neighborhood already or nothing, there are presently 12 independent volunteer positions available with HGRBS. We're reorganizing from bottom to top. Your expertise will be helpful.

If what you'd really like to do isn't on this list, we can discuss what you've got in mind to see how well it'll fit into the mission of this ministry.We can work from there. Fair enough?

If you are presently volunteering with HGRBS, and you have questions, suggestions, reports, or comments, please, feel free to use  this PORTAL

Otherwise, please, use this option "CONTACT US"

HGRBS (Seattle) is a 501 (c)(3) non- profit corporation of independent volunteers. We support the rights and privileges of our private home decision makers to make better decisions about and to get better results from contractors operating anywhere in Seattle.

Volunteer Associates Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

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