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Available Volunteer Positions!

Our objectives on both the local and national scale are unchanged. In this view, our "Mission" and "Mission Statemet" are likewise. Subsequently, whether you would like to become a core associate or just volunteer to do something through Volunteer Match (See "Honorary Volunteers)," please, familiarize yourself with these, okay? You may not be there when you want to be, but you can be there when you are able to be. Represent!

Private Home Priorities - Washington

HGRBS First State-Specific Website--Getting the Word Out-Washington Residents - R.B. Roberts - HGRBS - 2017.MP3

HGRBS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation being reorganized with independent volunteers like you. As a volunteer associate, you are supporting the rights and privileges of Seattle's private home decision makers towards making better decisions and getting better results from contractors. You will be part of rebuilding a national network which will have several cohort consultancies in all 50 states by 2024. However, the present focus is on where you live: Seattle.

Are You A Writer Who Lives In Washington State?

Do you write about contract-related home maintenance and improvement issues? Are you a Seattle private home head of a single-family, duplex, or small to mid-sized mansion or estate? If your answer is "Yes!,"  would you like to volunteer to share your most amazing resident-contractor-related writings on our exclusive website for private home heads  "Private Home Priorities - Washington?"  

This website is potentially another helpful specialized arena for sharing helpful information related to our private home residents/for our private home residents of the state of Washington.  

Only non-fiction contract-related home maintenance and improvement stories about or from private home decision makers of the state of Washington, however.  If you truly would like to volunteer sharing helpful information in this way,  please, make your inquiries: 

                                                                                                                                                         CONTACT US

 Please, Inquire Here About Online Volunteer Opportunities

Home, By Itself, Is A Business Operation

"Each home project is a business operation within the total operations of the home. The natural, normal, social business of the home is towards maintaining and improving your comforts and conveniences therein and thereabout. This has been the case since the beginning of time."

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 Since you are here, please, fill out the "Homeowner's Survey of Resident-Contractor Relation." When you do, you are actually helping us to be of further assistance to you and to other private home decision makers in our country!

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